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September 10, 2020
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September 30, 2020

Mums Let’s Talk: A heart to heart moment for all mums

The day I held my son in my arms for the first time, I fell in love. I remember soothing him to stop crying and I was calling him by his name and my doctor was amused that I already had a name for him. I proudly answered him that I was well prepared for motherhood. I thought I had it all planned out. A solution for everything, but that bubble was busted that night when my son started crying and I did not know how to breastfeed him,I did not know how to even change a diaper! and yet I had watched you tube videos on how to change diapers,attended Lamaze classes in the name of being prepared. That is when I realised, motherhood is a constant learning session.

Many of us Mums give our all to our families: our husbands, our children and most often forget to take care of ourselves. We see ourselves as super women who can take on anything and everything and in the process end up burnt out. Most parents will tell you how days pass by with little to no sleep, no baths or change of clothes, anxiety,stress,guilt and a constant feeling of “ I’m I doing this right?” during their earlier days with newborns. It is during that time that you lose yourself and struggle to relate to who you are. Are you the same person you were before the baby? Or a completely new person?

It is easy to continue with the same even after your children are past that stage and most often you find mums developing postpartum depression during this time, because they are taking on too much with an unfamiliar situation. Taking care and setting time for you is important for your mental state. 

Mum, how many times have you spent hours preparing your child’s favourite dinner,or making a puree for your baby, spending time coaxing them to eat only for you to have a mandazi or a fruit? We deal with terrible twos, phases of rebellion and naughtiness from our kids. We feel like we will scream our heads out.And when we do take a moment to ourselves, mum guilt hangs around us like a cloud of fire.

Mums need to take care of themselves and have their “me”time. Taking care of yourself puts you in a better position to take care of your family.

“A woman was on a plane that was almost crashing with her daughter and they were both gasping for air. The mum tried to fix the oxygen on her daughter first but she could not because she was equally gasping for breath. She tried and tried but all to no avail until she heard a voice in her heart saying: fix yourself first.

Immediately she fixed her oxygen, she had enough strength to fix that of her daughter’s. As soon as it was fixed, her daughter also got back her strength and they both survived.”

As mothers we often carry around so much. That is why this week Ultimate Care Links has a special day on Friday the 18th for Mums. A HEART TO HEART MOMENT FOR MUMS, FRIDAY 18/9/2020

Every Single Day as MUMS our limits will be tested, stretched, and exhausted. The demands and expectations on mums are beyond comprehension…

With all this and more, what do we do? Often we break down.

For this reason, Pst Makena a counselling psychologist is here to listen to the heart of a MUM and offer support counsel.

Join us this Friday at 8pm MUMS. Let’s have our time to unwind and support one another.