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September 17, 2020
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There are a number of books talking about “ Defining your life purpose” which is to show that many people do not actually know what their purpose is.

We have many young people walking around feeling empty and lost. Most of us do not know what we want to do with our lives, and for this reason we find ourselves doing and trying whatever comes our way.

Take an example of the number of people stuck in jobs they are not passionate about. How many students change careers and the number of times they change the said careers. “ What do I want with my life?” is a common question almost every person asks themselves.

Your purpose consists of your values, your likes, the reason you wake up every morning. Your life purpose can influence your life in a number of ways it can influence your goals, your objectives, your work and your everyday life. 

Questions that may come up when you reflect upon your life purpose are:

  • Who am I?
  • Where do I belong?
  • When do I feel fulfilled?

It is important to note that purpose is unique to each person. Some find their purpose in life is helping others, some find that spreading the gospel of God is their life purpose. But what we should know is, it is never too late to work on your purpose. Here are some of the ways that can help:

  • Explore what you love to do and what comes easy to you. What is your passion?
  • Decide where you want to go. Clarify your goals, your values and your affirmations while taking the right action to get you to your goals.
  • Think about times you have done something that brings you joy.
  • Take time to yourself. You might be always working, always on the road, with little to no time for yourself. Set aside time to really take care of you.

Remember if you are having a hard time defining your life purpose, or you may be feeling as though you have lost sight of what you are meant to do with your life, it is okay to ask for help. Reach us at any moment and we will assist in navigating through ways in which you can clearly define your life purpose.