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October 6, 2020

To have a “parenting attitude” is to have a set of values and emotions that define who you are in relation to your child/children.

It is not uncommon to find ourselves attaching negative emotions to parenting seeing as parenting can be exhausting and challenging, there are moments of stress, anger, frustrations and distress. But, our children feed off our energy and this has a big impact on how they grow up and how they will turn out in future. Our children need our reassurance and love, not our anger.

Tuning in and managing our emotions is critical because how we react during these moments of anger, stress and frustrations deeply affects our children lives. Our reactions might affect their ability to self-control and also their overall mental health.

Feelings are not right or wrong and we are all human hence susceptible to different emotions and feelings. But how we choose to react to them is what can be either harmful or helpful.

Take an example of when your child throws a tantrum in a family gathering and ends up breaking someone’s phone. What are you expected to do as a parent? At that moment how do you parent? It is expected that as a parent you will be angry and probably react in a harsh manner. But will that actually solve the problem? In this week’s parenting session, Makena and our guest Tamyra Butler, the CEO of Covenant Coaching in North Carolina, USA, will be talking to us about how to positively parent with realistic emotions. We will get to know how we can approach different situations when it comes to parenting.

“Parenting often feels like a fifty sided Rubik’s cube, deceivingly simple before you really get into it, but seemingly impossible to figure out when you’re in the thick of things.”-Parents with Confidence

The above statement is true. A good number of first time parents will often exclaim “I never knew parenting is this hard!”

What exactly is “Positive Parenting? You may assume that positive parenting means parenting that does not have consequences for the children, or “soft parenting”, but on the contrary, positive parenting holds children to realistic standards by using clear expectations and empowering children to become the resilient and capable children you hope them to be.

Here are a few tips for positive parenting:

  1. Tune in to your feelings- It is important to know what your triggers are. When you know what sets you off, you will be better prepared in response rather than having knee-jerk reactions.
  2. Give yourself a time-out- When you are having a hard time remaining calm when your child sets you off, consider taking a few minutes away to cool off.

Join us this Friday 16th October 2020 as we discuss Positive parenting in depth.


Topic: Positive Parenting with Realistic Emotions

Where: Via Zoom

When: Friday 16th Oct 2020

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