Some of the services offered by Ultimate Care Links

General and Specialized Counselling

UCL offers one-to-one counselling and therapy in respect of on extensive range of personal life issues:

1. Developmental issues

2. Addressing and resolving specific challenges in life, school and career counselling

3. Coping with crisis

4. Developing personal insight and knowledge or Self-Awareness

5. Trauma counselling

6. Major Life Changes

7. Developing healthy inter-personal relationships

8.Drug and substance abuse

UCL Counsellors/Psychologists are experienced greatly:

Retirement/Retrenchment counselling

Loss and grief counselling

Psychological First Aid (PFA)

Family, couple and premarital counselling

Adoption counselling

Adolescent Counselling

Addiction counselling

Emotional Intelligence


Workplace counselling

Training and Events

As part of our preventive approach to emotional wellbeing, we provide experiential training workshops. The training activities are aimed at sharing information, sensitisation and proactively developing coping and problem solving skills to handle developmental and life challenges. Ultimate Care Links conducts training workshops for

1. Corporate organizations

2. Non-governmental and charity organisations

3. National and County Government ministries

4. Parastatals

5. Media Houses/talk shows

6. Schools and colleges

7. Churches

8. Private groups /workshops/seminars

9. Motivational talks

Mediation Services

Mediation is a cost effective way to help in resolving disputes. It involves an independent third party (Mediator) who will help both disputing sides to reach an agreement.

UCL mediators provide a safe, non-judgmental and impartial service which enables both parties in the dispute to be heard and listened to, with the aim of reaching an agreement which is acceptable to both parties. All mediation meetings are completely confidential.

Counsellor Supervision

UCL values professional growth and ethical practice for other practitioners. To foster this, UCL has trained and experienced counsellor supervisors who offer supervision to the practitioners.

We also offer the following services

1. Counsellors Supervision

2. Personal Therapy

Workshop/Training Methodology

UCL workshops follow a very participatory, experiential and activity based learning approaches that make the learning process interesting and enjoyable.

For schools we provide specific additional modules that cater for students’ needs

1. Life skills

2. Study skills

3. Stress Management for students

4. Motivational speaking etc.

Personal Therapy

Personal therapy helps counsellors to go through the same path they take clients through. It is part of self care for the counsellor. Personal therapy also is a way of preventing harm on the client.

You can contact us for this noble service aimed at personal growth