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August 25, 2020
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September 9, 2020

What is happening to my body?

Have you ever asked yourself how hard, confusing and strange it might be for your transitioning child to be experiencing body changes? The physical and emotional changes are overwhelming and your child will be having many questions. But how often do we actually discuss those changes with our children? Do we leave them to discover for themselves?

We all have a hard time adjusting to change

We used to have girls in our class who had already started their menses and we used to think of them as odd.  Having started your menses was a hush hush affair and no one wanted the others to know especially the boys. Then, in class six, at 11 years old, my menses decided to make their first appearance, and just like that, I joined the “odd” group.

What was more confusing was why I was feeling pain during my menstrual days. I couldn’t ask my mother, the most she spoke about was showing me how to use a sanitary pad and that was it. To me, those conversations were never to be initiated. After the onset of my menses, other puberty milestones started to hit, I suddenly grew breasts, I was attracted to boys and I had a strong urge to have a boyfriend. All this was confusing, why did I suddenly move from separating my locker with a no “crossing line” for my desk mate to wanting to be closer to him?

We used to get Sanitary Pads from sponsors and it was always an embarrassing moment having to go back to class. The boys would laugh at you and try to snatch your goodies so that they can fall and they laugh. No one ever told their parent about what they are going through, one thing is for sure, we did not enjoy our changing bodies.

I used to take strong tea for management of my pain, we believed that taking strong tea would help. But it never did anything. All information we had was trial and error methods used by other girls.

It is important that our tweenagers know that their bodies will start changing the more they near teenage hood. It might be confusing and uncomfortable for both you and your child talking about sex and the body changes, and you might be at a loss on what to tell your child. That is where we come in, by having our zoom talks, we give our children the correct information and arm them with the necessary tools to tackle all changes.

How many times do you as a parent get mad that your child is suddenly moody? Suddenly they are talking back and to you this is defiance. But they might be just as confused by why they suddenly aren’t interested in playing with their younger siblings, they see them as “childish”.

One moment your child is bubbly, the next they don’t want to talk

Let’s support our children by being there for them, even if they don’t respond at first, you will have made a point that you are open for discussions and you are present as they go through the changes.

Enrolling your children in talks that help them have clarity of what is happening to them and that it is normal will also offer a platform where they can open up about what is happening in their lives. These talks will continuously assure them that nothing is wrong with their interests changing. We invite you for this week’s tweenager meeting happening on 4th September 2020 at 7PM.  Let’s purpose to have all our tweenagers present.

Topic: What is happening to my body

When: 4th September

Where: Zoom

Charges: Kes 200

Payments: Till no 7003827